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Hi, my name is Tyler.

I have a passion for technology and marketing. Before I took my stay at home job I did not have enough time to write consistently. With my current job I am able to write enough to where I feel confident that I can grow my blog into a way to communicate with others who think like me.

What to expect

I mainly write about making money online, SEO, gaming, general technology, etc.

My goal is to not only bring useful information and hopefully teach something. It also consists of my own splash of personality.



Is blogging full time for you?


To be honest I don’t see it being full time for a long time. I enjoy my current job and writing. I wish it could be of course; however, I don’t stress about it what-so-ever.

What is your day job?

I work as a Business Development Rep. for a mortgage company.

What does that mean? Well, it is a fancy way of saying that I do different types of marketing to bring realtors and loan officers leads. It is not exciting just a lot of Excel spreadsheets. I love it though because it pays well, allows me to have a very flexible schedule, and lets me work from home.


I strive to create posts that either teach or inform readers in an interesting way. 

If you enjoy posts please like and comment to show your support! Have a wonderful day!


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