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I’m Tyler Kelley and I am glad you’d like to know more about me! Hopefully my story will interest you, but no guarantees I am not Steve Jobs. 🤣

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My Background

My Childhood

I didn’t have the picture perfect childhood growing up, but then again who does? As a kid my mothers side of the family was always around, mostly because we all lived in Nolensville, TN. My father’s side of the family mostly lived in Kentucky; however, my grandmother and my aunt on his side lived in Nashville.

I have always been closer to my mother’s side of the family. Mostly because they had their shit together. Now they aren’t perfect, yet they have always strived to be. They raised me on good Christian morals and even though I didn’t end up believing they supported me having my own believes. Which just goes to show how amazing they are.

Now my father’s side of the family on the other hand was a different story. Do NOT get me wrong, they aren’t bad people! They just had a lot of struggles. My aunt on his side had bad medical problems and my grandmother drank more Coke than anyone on Earth should. I love the two of them a lot they were always fun to be around and really caring. Still most of them too struggled with different forms of addiction whether it be to drugs or alcohol. My dad was a heavy alcoholic and had problems with drug abuse. This is why I have to be careful when it comes to addictive substances or habits – I definitely inherited an addictive personality.

I know plenty of families go on without a problem with an alcoholic father. The only problem was my dad was an angry and violent drunk. He would get wildly belligerent and for a long time my mom tried to get him help. He just didn’t have the will or maybe the want to stop. She kept the problem well under wraps from other family members. Still eventually it got to the point where no one could hope to hide his behavior.

This ended up leaving her no choice, but to divorce him. This is where I learned how much of an insanely wonderful person my mother is. While we were all going through a tough time dealing with the situation she never said anything negative about my dad. Her most over used phrase was, “your dad isn’t a bad person, he just has a problem and once he gets help he will be fine again.”

This blew my mind mostly because I gave my mom hell for it. Every time I went with my dad for a weekend or holiday he would tell us how much of an evil b!tch my mom was. Even though on reflection I know now and have known for a long time that my dad was the bad one. I still believed what he was telling me. Even thinking about how I treated my mom is hard, I must have broken her heart on many occasions. Still though even in our most heated yelling matches never once did she say my father was the bad one.

Now I do have to say even though I should have a ton of resentment for him, I don’t. He chose to walk away from his family and that is his choice. I said my peace a long time ago and I couldn’t care less about what he does. I honestly wish him the best and hope one day he can solve his issues. Not for me or my family, because we have moved on, for himself and his future.

Early School Years

I honestly had the most average time through elementary and middle school. I played baseball and basketball. I didn’t excel academically, yet still I was no slouch. I didn’t like my middle school mostly because I had crap luck with about half my teachers. That half of my teachers clearly displayed a lack of interest in education. Which is really odd to me cause why would anyone become a teacher if you don’t have a passion for education!?

Anyway though there isn’t much more to tell about this portion of my life. Nothing really interesting at least.

High School

First off, I didn’t always really love writing. In high school it was literally the bane of my existence! 😂😂 Now writing did come pretty natural to me, but only when I was typing. I loved being able to tell a story or peak a persons interest. However, in school most of my writing had to be done with good old fashioned pen and paper. Writing for any lengthy period of time with a pen or pencil hurts my middle finger. Due to this I never thought I would enjoy writing much less become a blogger.

I went to one of the best rated schools in Tennessee. Which was a big accomplishment for my mom. She wanted me to have a great education and I really did! I had a tendency to not pay attention and slack off about 85% of the time. Even with that type of crap attitude when it comes to learning. I still walked away with a great amount of knowledge, yet that isn’t to say my grades reflected it.

I actually had to drop out my senior year and get an accredited diploma online. Mainly because my counselor messed up and forgot to get me scheduled for a half credit of P.E during my high school career. So even if I got a 100% in every class I still would have had to come back for another half a year! Don’t know about most people, but I was not okay with this.

My Social Life

In high school is when my social life really took off. I had a big group of friends from all different types of ‘clicks’. Now my high school was a little different than most – at least I assume… Kids from every click hung out with each other and bullying was extremely rare. Most of the ‘bullying’ at our school consisted of two friends laughing and calling one another a fag or some crap and a teacher taking them to the principals office.

In school I mostly hung out with the burn-out or stoner group. One of the first friends I made in high school introduced me to cannabis. Now I am not saying he talked me into anything. I had been interested in trying it before, but I didn’t know where to find it or who to ask. Anyway shortly after meeting this friend I was smoking pretty often. Not daily, but close enough. Time went by and then I was smoking everyday before and after school. Soon after I started smoking cannabis I had also started smoking cigarettes too.

I wasn’t addicted to pot, but it was my relief from boredom. Which is not a good way to occupy your time, literally the most unproductive way to spend your time! 😉

Anyway during my junior year at high school my friends and I started ditching school during lunch and study periods to go smoke. We raised hell for our administrators and teachers. Which if I ever get the chance I would love to apologize to each of them for it.

I loved my high school years mostly because of the awesome parties we would have. All different types of people chilling and having a good time together. I mean we had parties with stoners, the alcoholic jocks, young talented musicians, and the best was having your typical nerd(s) there. One kid that always blew my mind, I won’t put him on blast so I will call him Z. Z was one of the coolest people to hang out with and like a walking Google search bar. He looked like your average hardcore gamer kid. He was a little on the shorter side, messy hair, bit of acne, and paler than sour cream. Z, no joke, had over 1,000 hours on just one of his Steam games – hundreds more on most of his other games. So most would imagine he was picked on. Not the case, he struggled with social anxiety, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t pretty popular around school. Please excuse the long tangent 🤣 what I am trying to get at is our parties where so fun because of the diversity and inclusion.


During high school I worked with a ton of my classmates at Pizza Hut. This was one of my favorite jobs! Most of my coworkers and myself would mess around and have a blast working. I have to be honest though we weren’t great workers. We would smoke cannabis during breaks and our work ethic was just awful.

Shortly after working for Pizza Hut I started working for Jamba Juice. My first day was really weird. I walked in and to my surprise all girls. I have no idea why I didn’t see it coming, I mean I guess a smoothie bar isn’t exactly the most manliest gig. Still though most of the girls I went to school with so it was fun. Soon enough though Jamba started to get some more guys, a massive influx of two whole dudes! 😂

After High School

When I quit high school and got my online diploma I was still working for Jamba. Soon after though I ended up getting kicked out of my mom’s house because I had smoking paraphernalia inside the house. My mom and I were still on good terms, but rules are rules and I wasn’t obeying them. Anyway I moved out to Murfreesboro with a couple of guys. Working at a nice gas station (as nice as a gas station can be) being a cashier. This portion of my life didn’t last long for a lot of reasons. Mainly being that the job didn’t pay worth a crap!

I ended up moving back home with the understanding that I wasn’t to have anything illegal in the house. Mainly my mom put this in place not because she is super against cannabis, but because she couldn’t afford to get into trouble. She has to look out for my little sister and I agree with that 100%.

Changing My Lifestyle For The Better

After working a couple more dead end jobs and struggling to get by. One of my close family friends offered me a job being a from-home marketing rep. This is what really gave me the courage and opportunity to start treating myself like a professional. I have always been really good with marketing and loved messing with or building computers. Luckily for me – my family friend, named Josh, knew I had skills that were being squandered. He threw me a bone and because of this I owe a lot to him!

Shortly after starting to work from home, I stopped smoking cannabis completely. Quitting smoking gave me my drive in life back and also my will power! For a long time I thought I just naturally had a very low will power. This was not the case I just was using cannabis as a crutch. I am not saying that pot ruins lives or anything like that. I was just misusing it. If I was to be in pain, I’d definitely use it over other prescription pain meds. Still though I am not interested in smoking it for quite a while!

The fact of the matter is with my will power back I was able to completely change my lifestyle for the better. I was able to kick the cancer stick habit. Which I never thought I would be able to do in a lifetime.

I got my natural energy back and so when I got/get bored I workout instead of smoking. This led to me being able to start losing weight recently. My life has improved tenfold because of the opportunity that Josh handed me. Now I strive to make him money and I have recently taken this blog much more serious. Which is one of my favorite things about the positive improvement in my life. Instead of feeling bad about myself for how I waste my time. I have something that I enjoy doing and it is productive!

Thank you for spending some time to get to know my story. If your interested in showing your support, please leave a comment! I’m always interested in hearing what you guys have to say!


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