A New Year, A New Blog…

Hey guys,

Well it is a new year and I am excited to make it a great one. Tek Report will be shut down on the 5th. I will launch my new site/blog on the same day. The layout will be much, much more improved. This new site is more of my professional portfolio/blog.

New Site Improvements

Daily Posts – No, Really!

yes finally

I feel pretty sure that most have noticed the lack of content on the site. This isn’t because I haven’t been writing, but because I have been saving posts for the new site. I have plenty of content stored so their will always be new posts on the new blog.

Gaming & Online Marketing Content Only

It is no secret that I love marketing and getting my creativity out there to others who might like it. One key in marketing is to stick to a niche. I haven’t been doing that with Tek Report, I have just been writing about anything I am interested in.

The new blog will focus mainly on gaming related content and occasionally some good marketing advice that I have learned. I will do more marketing content if it tends to trend as well.

A Budget For Giveaways

Let’s be real… This is what everyone will be interested in. Giveaways are a great way for me to attract more readers to my blog and my portfolio. Oh. And you can possibly one of the two different $25 gift cards that I will be giving away each month. Their will be a sign up page for giveaways on the new site. You will have to give your email to sign up. You will receive no emails from me, unless your the winner of a gift card!

Keep an eye out for my new blog 😄


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