The Issue That Is The YouTube Copyright System

For a long time people, like myself, who watch YouTube often know how flawed the copyright system is. If you support your favorite YouTuber’s and have kept up with them for a long time you have probably heard this issue brought up multiple times.

YouTube will most likely take steps to better the issue, but they have to be big steps. The way the system works now puts a lot of creators in a tough spot. The copyright system makes it all to easy for random companies or people to claim content that isn’t breaking the ‘Fair Use Act’ or just simply doesn’t have a legitimate claim to the content.

I watched the video below from Matthias while the video is old it still is quiet relevant. He recommends that, “YouTube hire more employees, it won’t solve the problem, but it is a big step in the right direction!” I agree with that statement 100%.

Matthais Copyright Video Screenshot
Click to watch the video here 👌

I know it won’t solve the problem and just hiring a ton of people isn’t the real answer. However, adding a few to help the larger successful channels will help a ton. Because when even your (talking to YouTube here) big money makers have problems that aren’t getting addressed and can’t get help, it creates an atmosphere of hesitancy towards new creators interested in the platform.

From what I have heard YouTube is trying to improve the situation. In my opinion as long as I hear about YouTube trying here and there I have faith that the platform is on good footing. YouTube does have a huge task here so it isn’t like they just don’t care. They just are hit with so much data to sift through it will probably never be possible to view every video for copyright infringement. Yet, improving the bot they already use and adding more employees is a good start. Hell, for all I know they’ve already been slowly doing this and that’s why creators are reporting an improvement.

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