iPhone 8 Plus & IOS 11 Review

The iPhone 8 or 8 Plus?

This was literally the only hard part about buying my new iPhone. I wanted the smaller phone just because of the extra pocket-ability, but there are features that I really wanted out of my new phone in the 8 Plus.

Why I Wanted The iPhone 8 Plus

This one is pretty easy to explain. I watch a ton of YouTube, Netflix, make and receive calls, and text constantly through out the day. I also don’t have a good habit of charging my phone. 😅

So battery life has to be long. Especially good for streaming video! So I basically had to go with the iPhone 8 Plus. The higher resolution is just a plus!

Coming From Android

I have had the Google Pixel for about a year now. It is by no means lacking or given me a reason to upgrade. To be honest the main reason for my upgrade is to get more in the Apple ecosystem and because my mother’s phone is really outdated and she could use my Pixel. Although she probably won’t use the awesome VR Headset that I don’t use to often, but for those times boredom is a problem it’s insanely fun!

I bought my MacBook Pro to improve my work flow. The other huge benefit of an Apple computer is what Apple calls Continuity. It’s the feature that Apple fans have raved about for ages. You can take and send phone calls and messages through your computer as well as your phone. This seamless interaction between devices is my main reason for diving head first into the Apple ecosystem.

So coming from a Pixel I knew I would have to play a small game of catch-up with IOS.

Onto The Actual Review 😆

iPhone 8 Plus 64 Gigabyte Review

iPhone 8 Plus Space Gray 64GB
My iPhone

So first off can I just say getting an iPhone in combination with an Apple computer is one of the best things you can do for yourself! Especially if your a blogger or any type of social media enthusiast. I used to have to go through the horrid process of emailing a picture that I wanted to upload for a blog post to myself, downloading, and then finally uploading. Now all I have to do is look at the picture on my phone click the AirDrop button and in seconds it’s in my designated folder on my laptop! I know it isn’t a mind blowing feature for most, but coming from Android and having to move files between my two devices constantly it is so freaking handy! However, lets move onto things more related to the new iPhone’s changes.

Wireless Charging

Well this one I am split right down the middle on. When I first purchased my iPhone I wanted one, but Verizon had none. Oh and the Verizon employee that I bought my iPhone from tried to give me advice on which one to buy elsewhere. All of what came out of his mouth was complete misinformation or just lies, except for the fact that he did mention that Apple was going to come out with an overpriced wireless charger. Like clearly even an idiot knows that.

EC Wireless Charger

Anyhow even though I didn’t buy one I ended up lucking out because my good friend, who I have written about here, will be getting his iPhone 10 and two wireless chargers. He didn’t need his so he was kind enough to offer it to me. I don’t know what brand it is, but from the build quality I know it isn’t high end. Not that it matters it works as intended! While I am sure that wireless charging will become more and more part of my daily routine. As of now I barely ever use it through out the day. I use it at night, because it is much easier than plugging your phone end when your half asleep. 🤣

However, I can’t use it throughout the day because the few times I set my phone down throughout the day it doesn’t sit there for long. I don’t know if it is just my charger, but it is a pretty dang slow charge. Which is fine for overnight charging. Although mine also has to have my phone at a certain really short distance between it for just a second or two for it to start charging. Slightly annoying, but really like a very minor gripe in general anyway. Overall wireless charging is a really nice feature, yet still nothing that I, at least, haven’t found that useful.

Battery Life

The iPhone 8 Plus has surprised me here for sure! It is able to last almost an entire day. For me that says a lot about the phone’s efficiency. I use my phone 85-90% of the time that I spend awake and trust me when I say, I have long days. Most of the time is spent calling, texting, or playing YouTube or Netflix as I work.

One decent charge around dinner time and I am good for the rest of the afternoon. My Google Pixel lasted just about the same, but the iPhone 8 Plus feels like it’s able to survive a little longer.

The iPhone 8 Plus’s True Tone Display

Coming from the Pixel this phone has a more crisp looking screen. Very detailed text is one of the first things I noticed. So if your the type to read a lot of forums or blogs like this – the iPhone 8 Plus’s display really pampers your eyes. Think it would make a great upgrade for older folks or those with just poor eyesight.

Fingerprint Sensor

I have to be honest and I know some will scream at me for this, but this is the main reason I opted for the 8 Plus over the 10. It is completely a preference thing! I don’t expect others to agree. I just have the fingerprint sensor on my laptop and makes sense to use that for my phone too.

I have nothing against Face ID. I am just not to interested in it now. Also I can see quite a few situations where it could be annoying to try and use. Although I know it is only going to get better with time, so maybe down the road I might make the upgrade to perhaps the next iPhone release.

IOS 11 Review From An Android User Perspective

iOS 11 Control Center Image
Click to learn more about the control center over at The Verge.

I am truly going to make this review really short. Because most likely you have seen the new control center and that is really all that I think is really all that new. However, coming from Android there are quite a few things that I got really excited about.

First Time Setting Up My Alarm

First day I got my iPhone messed around with it and had a good time. It was getting late so while talking with my mom I went to set my alarm. As soon as I started scrolling the haptic feedback thing was going with me scrolling. I am sure all you long time iPhone owners will be laughing at this… I stopped and was like “holy $h!t mom hold this! It feels like your actually scrolling through a briefcase lock!” 😅

That is such a small thing that iOS does that Android doesn’t and it made the phone feel just that much better made or engineered.


I don’t know about all iPhones, but at least with the new ones with the newer processor… iOS is a breeze on these phones! Definitely feels just a tad more snappy than the Pixel did. Not an insane difference just noticeable enough.

That Stability Though!

This is where iOS shines and everyone should know it. Since I have owned the phone my Mail app crashed once. Nothing else at all. I have had it for well over a week and only one crash. The first week I owned my Pixel I had easily 5-6 app crashes.

Don’t get me wrong Android and crashes have gotten better. Just still it is really hard to beat Apple when it comes to stability. Their products and software are so well tied in together and they have very few models – making it easier to optimize.

This is more about iOS in general than 11… I freaking love Continuity on Apple devices. It is easily the best reason to switch from Android. Especially if you own a Mac or are looking to get one.


I am loving the 8 Plus and am not really interested in the 10. I am more than happy to live with chins on my iPhone. 🤣

Thanks for reading! Please like and comment below!


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