Purchase New Apple Watch OR PS4 WW2 Bundle?

So I thought since my earlier post was short I might as well make it two short posts 😄. Don’t get me wrong I am saving for bigger items – like a good car! 😂

Still though, I want one of the two. So if I was able to get one which one should I go for?

On one hand, I could rock the expensive and cool new Apple Watch Series 3… But, I mean it’s just a watch. I can get texts on though… See it’s hard to make up your mind on this one!! I just don’t know if I will use it enough to justify buying it.

I could just buy the PS4 and I will play the living crap out of WW2 Zombies and multiplayer. Although then I also have to start keeping up with a Playstation Plus membership… 🙄

Please tell me your opinion or which one you’d pick? Thanks!


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