Excited To Start Seeing Some Traction Here!

I have said it multiple times, but I’ve wanted to see this blog take off for a long time. However, it has only been recently that I actually started putting in the proper effort. And I have to say – I wasn’t immediately rewarded. Luckily I knew this was going to be the case. Almost everything when it comes to marketing takes time to really see results.

Tek Report Analytics
Probably started doing real work on marketing the blog before October. So don’t think I am a miracle worker 🤣

Still though to my surprise I have started to see big results much faster than I thought. From the graph above you can tell just how big the difference is. I started doing a lot well before you see the jump in traffic. Just no matter what, I can’t believe how well it has begun to take off. Goes to show how well spending money on good marketing pays off!

Starting To Getting Successful? Maybe…

This I know is mainly due to the fact that I look at my blog as a business instead of a hobby. The first time around I started strong, but because of my “this is just a hobby” attitude the drive quickly faded. This time around I have a whole new attitude! I am building something and have to stay on track! I have taken a lot of my own advice as well as others.

Secondly, I changed my attitude towards social media. I knew that integrating my social media and my blog would help with bringing more visitors. However, I never have been much for social media. Literally just now started really using my multiple year old accounts! 😂

I should have definitely started using them sooner, but hey what can you do? Am I right! 😉

Anyway still even with them being hardly used I have seen a big reward for starting to use ’em and integrating them with my blog! I am happy to see more and more feedback coming in on the site. I don’t just like seeing numbers, although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it ğŸ˜Ž, I like seeing real peoples opinions more. This to me has always been about building a community around topics that I find interesting.

So thank you for your support and like if you enjoyed the post!


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