DUDE, SICK! An Apparel Brand You Can Proudly Rock!

I must begin by being completely honest about this post. While it is in no way sponsored by DUDE, SICK! I am good friends with the founder. He is a dedicated individual with a passion for anything he does in life. Now that you know my relationship with the brand, let me tell you about what they have planned for the future!

I talked with Braeden Williams, my friend and the brands founder, to find out everything that is in the works for the company. As of the time this post will be up online DUDE, SICK!’s first t-shirt sale will have just finished. This is an initial sale to raise funds to ensure the company is in a good place to launch their first full line of apparel.

DUDE, SICK! Simpler Adventurer Tee
DUDE, SICK! Simpler Adventurer Tee. Was available for purchase the whole week leading up to yesterday.

Before DUDE, SICK! Braeden was working on another apparel brand named 06 Collective. The idea behind it was to be a crowdsourced clothing brand. People from the community could submit their ideas and the most popular designs would end up being sold. It is a pretty cool idea! However, the idea never came to fruition due to the fact that he was working on an album titled 06 Comma. Soon 06 Collective became seen as the apparel for the album. This is by no means what Braedon wanted for either.

Deciding instead of trying to change everybody’s minds about the two brands. He decided to switch gears and put his effort into something that wasn’t so tangled up. Which in my mind makes a ton of since and was/is the smarter choice!

So with the help of some friends with varying talents in design and creative work. He and his friends were inspired to come up with a clothing brand that just works. They needed a name and after hours of talking they had nothing that really resinated with them. Yet after all of them had split ways and Braeden was taking a shower, it hit him! Dude, sick! Was something that anytime anything insane or amazing happened, it just came out. As soon as he could he was back in on a conference call with everybody and made the pitch. As you may guess it was an instant hit with them.

What Is The Brands Goal?

As I talked with Braeden it was very clear that the main idea behind the apparel is to match with everyday clothing. He put it as, “I want something that just looks good, doesn’t matter what your style for the day is, it just gets you out the door looking fly.” Braedon has always been a huge fan of supporting local clothing brands. If your like me that is something you can easily respect.

Still even with a love for clothing styles. He still is not interested in spending too much time getting ready to leave for the day. DUDE, SICK! is not supposed to be an apparel brand that needs time and deliberation to get you out the door.

Where Can People Find The Apparel

Well as of now there is no website or online store for DUDE, SICK! – yet, you can check them out at their Instagram here. According to Braeden the website is in the works, so be keeping an eye out for it! Definitely don’t forget to follow them on Instagram so you don’t miss out when the full line of clothing comes out!

Really and truly all the people behind DUDE, SICK! are not interested in a drag and drop site. They want to stand out from the cookie cutter mold. Which I can really admire, even though I am using a drag and drop site builder myself 😂

Please go check out the amazing apparel brand based here in Nolensville, Tennessee. The creator has a big vision for the future. I ordered a couple of t-shirts to show my support and will link a review here just so ya’ll will have an idea of the quality of the product they pump out!

Please leave a like and a comment to show your support as well!


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