Creating A Drop Shipping Store That Truly Impresses

If your an avid YouTube watcher like myself, then you’ve seen the obnoxious amount of advertisements offering to teach you how to create a successful online drop shipping store. So it isn’t so hard to imagine the market being over saturated with drop shipping stores. However, let me tell you – it isn’t!

So What Is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is nothing new and most big retailers do it. There are a lot of benefits on both sides of the coin when it comes to drop shipping. For drop shippers the major benefit is not having to keep your own inventory. For customers this means generally cheaper prices!

Then Why The Negative Stigma Around It?

Well, to be honest, online sellers either not knowing what their doing or not vetting their products and manufacturers properly has led to it. When done right there is nothing shady about drop shipping!

So What’s The Down Side?

Typically the shipping time is longer than huge online stores such as Amazon or Walmart. This is due to the fact that most items will ship from manufacturers overseas.

In my opinion the extra shipping time is worth saving some money! 😉

How To Create A Drop Shipping Store The Right Way

When your creating a store the most important part is preparation! Most intelligent business men or women will tell you that creating a drop shipping store will take money upfront to do it right. This is in part how drop shipping got a bad name. People looking to make a quick buck throw together a store in no time and slap whatever products look cool in it. This is literally the definition of lazy and poor judgement.

Proper drop shipping store owners will actually order their own products just to make sure the manufacturer is up to snuff! This requires money to do of course. If your in the process of creating an online store make sure this is a priority of yours!

Invest In Your Brand!

Unless your a graphic designer, one of the best ways to make your store stand out and look more professional is to hire one! A proper logo can make any business appear better!

How Much To Spend?

When it comes to bringing your brand to life most will end up spending too much. A $1,000 graphic designer gig is quite honestly too much when it comes to a drop shipping store. I have found and used a designer on Fiverr multiple times for under $100. He has absolutely blown me away with his skill and professionalism, feel free to use him to make your next logo, find him here.

Vet Your Own Products!

Never sell a product you haven’t tried yourself! I get it this is expensive and time consuming. However, this will pay off big time when it comes to customer satisfaction and repeat business. Not to mention we don’t need another drop shipping store selling crap and spreading a bad name for the rest of us.

I would advise those of you without a ton of money to find a manufacturer with as many products as possible that you wish to sell and buy one product. This way if the product is good there is a high chance the rest of the products from them will be the same. This method is not as safe as vetting each individual product of course, but the safest route if your on a tight budget.

My family friend and I have made a store using these techniques and practices. The store is new and we’re looking for support to get some honest reviews. So while I am not going to try and talk you into buying anything, if you see something that you’d really like we would appreciate a review! Check the store out, it’s named In Town Buys.

Let Your Customers Get To Know You & Your Brand Personally

On top of just knowing what your brand stands for or goals are – having information about your business is vital to customer loyalty. People, including myself, love to feel like their ‘in the know’ of any particular brand. Especially when it comes to small brands. Making your customers and potential customers feel like their included in the decision making process leads to a more dedicated and loyal customer base. Wow! How many times can one man say customers!? 🤣🤣

Create A Gripping About Us Page

This is one of the most over looked aspects of a successful online store! Never over look your stores About Us page. Most online shoppers are pretty smart when it comes to trusting an online store with their cash. A top notch About Us page will go a long way with building trust with online shoppers. This doesn’t necessarily mean a huge overly descriptive page. A short and sweet description of what your brands goals are can go a long way, for an example check this out.

Don’t Forget A Good F.A.Q

I will make this short, every customer will have some general questions that need answering. A good list will ensure your not bombarded with unnecessary questions.

Start & Use A Blog Section To Your Advantage!

If your creating your store through Shopify this is super simple to do. A blog can easily boost your sites traffic, check here to see some simple tips, and its engagement. Potential customers will see a blog as a way to truly connect with your brand. Not to mention the fact that blog posts can be used to highlight deals, discounts, specialty items, and such.

Engaging all those you can will increase the likelihood that people really want to support your endeavors! Take a blog as an opportunity to let people get to know the real life people behind your brand.

Invest Wisely In Marketing

By this I don’t necessarily mean monetarily. Investing time and effort can pay off just as much as investing money can. Buying ad spots on different social media sites will be good, but that isn’t the only way to successfully market. 😉

The Importance Of Link Building

Just in case you have no idea what link building is… It is the practice of linking multiple sites back to one another. This not only increases the chance of potential visitors, but also builds reputation for your store and site(s) with search engines.

Now there is a right and a wrong way of doing this! Going on freelance sites such as Fiverr and buying hundreds of backlinks for five bucks is not the way to go. Just a handful of quality backlinks will do wonders for your stores reputation. Where as tons of low quality backlinks will most likely end up doing the opposite.

The best way to go about link building is to reach out to blogs or sites in your niche and ask to exchange links back and forth. These types of relevant links to your site are gold mines.

Email Marketing

email marketing picture

This is mostly viewed as an outdated or useless strategy. However, email marketing is a great way of getting repeat business! When your customers make a purchase or abandon their carts email marketing comes in handy for getting them to come back.

Out bound email marketing, in my opinion, is not the most successful way to get more customers though. I have had little success with it in general. Although I hear amazing things from others so it may be worth a shot!

Want some advice? Click here to read my post on some simple tips to get email marketing done right.

Use Social Media To Its Fullest!

This is one where I have to force myself to listen to my own advice. I am working at getting better at it though. Trust me when I say that doing more on social media can really give your brand much more momentum!

Again I must stress that everybody wants to feel included in the business. Including them through your social media can really make your brand shine compared to those who don’t. Treat your customers and followers just like you would friends, because that’s exactly what they are!

Please leave a comment and like to show your support! Thanks for making it this far in the article! Take it easy and enjoy the rest of your day.


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