New Netflix Series, You Won’t Want To Miss

Netflix has been pumping out quite a few fantastic new shows! If your like me you read about them or at the least watch trailers before starting the next show. I mean you can’t just start binge watching nilly willy 🤣



An outstanding cerebral series! This show dives into the story of investigating the motives of serial killers. It depicts the struggle of changing the way typical criminology is done. Instead of the standard motives of greed or need, these killers are a whole different breed.

Police prefer to think of these killers as just pure evil. So the show follows the main characters, (I am trying not to use names so if you watch it almost all the good bits of information are new to you), traveling and teaching police departments new FBI investigative strategies and interviewing sequence killers or serial killers as we know them today.

My Personal Rating

Overall, 8/10

This is an amazing binge watching series. It is very cerebral and quite frankly eerie. The interrogations are the truly gripping part of this show.

The Mist

Is about a creepy fog that rolls into town and has fatal consequences if left out in it. In the show you follow a family that ends up split apart from one another and multiple other groups of survivors. I love the board up and defend the safe area style genre.

This has to be one of my favorite shows recently. It is based off the movie of the same name, The Mist. I don’t know about all of you, but I absolutely loved this movie! So when I heard about the show, I knew it would be right up my ally.


The acting in the show is superb; however, I have heard mixed reviews in this area. So I believe it to be mostly based on whether your the type to prefer originals to remakes.

The writing is much better this time around in my opinion! Honestly, I love the changes in some of the characters! Such as the crazy religious lady that was in the movie. Her character is now an elderly lady with a much better demeanor and explanation behind her ‘out there’ beliefs and actions.

My Personal Rating

Overall, 9.5/10

Definitely worth your time, especially if you have not seen the movie. You’ll end up getting a more diverse character demographic and, again in my opinion, a better story! Although I still highly recommend watching the movie in general.

Zoo ‘Season 3’


Zoo has been one of those shows I just can’t stop watching. The story has gotten tangled up and to be honest season 3 very well could be the last. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth watching! In my humble opinion the latest season is interesting, just not as gripping as the first. The first season was the best by far anyway.

The season starts off with our main character, Jackson Oz and a group of survivors running from hybrids. As anyone who has been keeping up with the show will know, the world is and has been in a state of disaster. Of course the main characters are back to hopefully make a difference and save the animal kingdom.

Without ruining the show for anyone, I can say that the plot will only thicken throughout the season. Nobody is safe from truly horrifying dangers and challenges. If your an animal lover than this is a truly mixed bag. Some will love it for the characters passion to save all the animals on Earth. Others will hate it because of the terrifying hybrid creatures attacking/destroying the animal kingdom.

My Personal Rating

Overall, 7.5/10

I can’t give it a real good rating only because I am talking about the latest season. It alone is good, but not great. The series as a total I would give a 9/10!

If your out of shows to binge watch for the next little bit, definitely give Zoo a chance!

Note Worthy Shows

These two shows are fantastic in my opinion! However, they didn’t make it into the top selection.



This is a very controversial show and not for the reason most would think. Most reviewers don’t care about the clearly over the top acting, me included. Typically the part about this series that divides people is the laugh track! 😁 Either you can’t stand it and it ruins the show or you don’t care. It personally doesn’t bother me at all!

The theme of the show is like a more trippy version of That 70’s Show. Depicting the life of Ruth a cannabis dispensary owner and her employees. The series has received a ton of negative reviews. I can see the reason behind them, yet I feel these come from people who are trying to take it more serious than it’s trying to be.

It is a very light-hearted show with simply ridiculous humor. If you expect any more than a few good laughs and the occasional trippy segment, your in for a disappointment.

My Personal Rating

Overall, 7/10

I will stand by my rating as I didn’t expect much more than what I got. I enjoyed it for the most part and really liked some of the outrageous humor. This is a show I would recommend everyone check out. You honestly may not like it, but in that case just move onto the next show in your list!

Dark Matter


Now this may be at the bottom, but that does not mean that it isn’t as good as the others. This show is the underdog out of all! It follows the crew of the Raza, a spaceship. The series starts with the crew waking up with no memories of who they are and where they are.

SPOILERS START NOW – The crew are a hardened group of criminals, except for a young stowaway girl and the ships android. The majority of the beginning episodes revolve around the crew banding together to find out who they are and deciding what to do with their new ‘lease on life’ so to speak. The crew name themselves by numbers, due to the lack of initial knowledge of who they are.

Even with the vast difference between personalities and skills the crew mostly stay true to having one another’s back. There are of course bumps in the road as the crew learns that to survive their pasts they must stick together. In all, this show shines with its amazing and inspiring character development!

My Personal Rating

Overall, 9.5/10

Why rate it so well and put it at the bottom of the post, you might ask? Well because if you read this far you deserve to see a hidden gem 😉

Definitely a must for any Netflix list!

Thank you for reading this far, tell me your opinions on the list in the comments below!


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