Recently Started To Get Google CAPTCHA Form?

Many people will go their entire life without seeing this form. However, it is not rare to have this pop-up. I’ll tell you why!

First Off, What Is The CAPTCHA Form?

When searching on Google this CAPTCHA form will prompt you to fill it out to prove you are a human. Google does this to prevent spam or bots.

Do not freak out if your prompted to fill this out there are plenty of reasons why you could be getting this pop-up. There aren’t any negative consequences other than having to take the extra twenty seconds to prove your human.

So why are you getting prompted to fill this page out?

Did You Recently Start Using VPN?

If you did, then this is most likely why. Many people are going through the same secure tunnel as you. Google sees all this traffic as coming from the same device or ‘person.’

So most likely there are hundreds if not thousands of others searching on Google at the same time. So it is understandable that Google would want to make sure your a real human not some annoying bot taking up precious bandwidth.

Also it could be likely that another person using the same VPN service to actually run a bot. Either way fill out the form and go about your day, no reason for it to disrupt your beautiful day!

Searching Fast Enough That Google Thinks Your A Bot

Are you fast at work researching an important topic for school or work? Seriously you can do it fast enough or so many times in a short time frame that Google thinks your a bot.

In this case, just going to get a cup of coffee and taking a breather in between searches could end the prompt forever! Also I want to mention that if your the person who fits into this category than be proud of it for Christ sake! You have a work ethic and speed, that a multi-million dollar corporation doesn’t think exist 😎

Is This Bad?

Absolutely, not! It can get a bit annoying, but again no negative consequences will come of it.

Hope this helped someone out there who had no clue what was going on, put their mind at ease! 


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