The Age Of The Online Influencer

The past few years have had their ups and their downs. The most interesting development in the past few years in my opinion is the abundance of content creators. Even more so would be the amount of successful content creators!

Making A Career Out Of Doing What You Love

People have been able to do this in certain places for a long time. However, within the last five years the amount of people able to do so has increased rapidly.

As one of my favorite YouTubers would say “with the power of the internet” many have been able to turn a passion into careers. If you know who that YouTuber is comment below and tell me just how cool you are 😆😎

With the support of fans donations, ad revenue, and sponsors influencers have the opportunity to make good money. I do need to make it clear that I am not saying it is easy! Many of hours go into making content and for most content creators money takes quite a while to start coming in.

YouTube Content Creators

Becoming a big name is the challenge here. To be an influencer and to make enough to be able to support yourself takes a lot of work. Majority of the work is creating a following. The worse part of getting started is almost no one earns anything during this phase.

However, with the correct amount of dedication and patience this endeavor can really pay off. With the right type of attitude and personality many can build a successful channel that will be able to support them in the future.

Their are YouTubers making millions, making six figures, and then plenty more able to just get by doing what they love. I don’t know about you guys, but the fact that this opportunity is so prevalent is astonishing! Look how for we as a society and a people have come. Don’t get me wrong I understand we have a ways to go before we’re living in utopia – but baby steps, we’ll get there.

Here are some of my favorite YouTuber’s: *in no particular oder*



This guy is amazing. His story is one that many can relate to if your in ‘Merica! 😂

He has recently undergone gastric bypass surgery and taken huge steps towards the betterment of his life. I’ve been watching him for a long time and am glad to see his content. Boogie should you ever read this, man love your content and don’t you dare let anyone discourage you from being yourself!

Learn More

NoahJ456 or NoahJAFK

noahj456 .    noahjafk

Noah is a very eccentric and fun-loving gamer. He is known for his Call of Duty: Zombies content, yet he has branched out into many other games.  He is more of a streamer than a YouTuber although he streams on YouTube…

His streams are very entertaining and personally love having him playing as I am writing. Perfect for a slight funny distraction here and there! Not to mention the fact that his personality is so awesome!

Sadly, his chat (when streaming you have a live chat) constantly picks on him for his reseeding hairline. Which in totally honestly isn’t reseeding, I have watched him for like three to four years and it hasn’t gone back any. Although it makes for a more interesting stream!

NoahJ456 – Learn More

NoahJAFK – Learn More



This is like a YouTube news show, but where they swear and give dead honest opinions. The cast are mostly comprised of YouTubers who vlog.

This isn’t the type of news show that you go to for your daily news. It is more for if your looking to relax or unwind and watch something interesting with varying opinions.

Now I know this is going to upset plenty of people. But personally I recommend that you avoid the older ones or ones where the girl Julia is the host. No offense to Julia her personality is great. However, she cannot move or navigate a conversation or discussion well at all.

Learn More

Blog Content Creators

I would love to be a YouTuber, but I know my strengths. I enjoy writing better than I do video editing. Now that isn’t to say I can’t do it! I love doing video editing as well, depending on the project at hand.

Now blogging in my opinion is generally less lucrative than creating a YouTube channel. Although again in my opinion, with enough hard work blogging can pay off even more so.

I have noticed to talking with some other bloggers that typically bloggers make money starting off more so than YouTubers. Now I am not talking about a lot of money just a few dollars here and there. Still though it is better than nothing 😉

Influencer Marketing Becoming Very Valuable

One of the rising trends is to sponsor or do paid promotions with YouTube or other online influencers. This is awesome for so many reasons. Main one being that everybody wins, the content creator gets to do what they love and get paid for it! While the advertiser gains reputation and trust with loyal viewers for supporting their favorite creator or even in some cases idols!

This type of marketing is absolutely fantastic for the money. However, it is more difficult to get in on than something like an ad network. Instead of having a set price, advertisers will have to reach out to influencers and workout deals that could benefit both parties.

This also gives advertisers a guarantee that their ads will be shown on content they already know they support. Creating a safer advertising experience.


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