Creating A Successful Blog Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds

We have all thought it, why not just quit my 9-5 and start my own blog. I am sure most will know even if your blog is a huge success it takes time. So quitting the job that pays the rent might not be a smart move.

However, if your starting your blog and want to give yourself the best chance at being successful listen to these tips!

Starting From Nothing

When launching your blog most likely you don’t have a massive following waiting for it. So when starting out building an audience is your main struggle.

For those who can afford to market their new blog, the hurdle of building an audience is that much smaller. However, that doesn’t mean you need to spend money! Marketing only decreases the amount of time it takes to build that audience. Using the following simple strategies you can ensure that your blog doesn’t take a second longer than necessary to build the following that you’ve always wanted!

Post Consistant Content

Easier said than done, am I right? I saw this ‘tip’ everywhere when I started researching for my blog. The sad part is just saying it helps no one.

I am here to actually help! First things first, start writing posts before you even try and make your blog. Build up a stash of posts so the days where you can’t write or don’t want to, your covered. I would recommend having at least ten posts as backup!

Consistency has been my biggest problem with the growth of my blog. So take it from somebody who knows this is important!

Don’t Write It If You Wouldn’t Want To Read It

This is the most over looked reason why a blog isn’t growing. When writing something there should be at least some form of passion behind it. Whether your opinion positive or negative pick one or argue both. Readers can tell when the writer really just doesn’t care about the topic.

While some of you might say to yourself, “I don’t care as long as the post drives traffic to itself.” Do not shoot yourself in the foot like this! If your posting quality content people want to check out what else you might write about. These people who you have peaked their interest are the most valuable visitor!

Stay On Topic

For some reason people think that writing about something because it is popular is smart. For all of you who do this – it is only smart when the topic is in your blog’s niche! We’ve all been there where you click on a link to read about let’s say cooking and you find out is on some weird tech blog.

Create A Newsletter

This can be a great way of building a community that stays active. However, I find this to be a case by case basis. I hate newsletters and won’t put one on my blog! Even though a newsletter could benefit my analytics. I don’t like them so I have no business making one.

If you don’t find them obnoxious or are the type that loves newsletters. Then definitely try doing them to engage an audience and hopefully keep them coming back for more!

Setup Your Blog To Earn Ad Revenue

Set yourself up for success by putting ads on your blog! Once it is getting a decent amount of daily or monthly views.

I must stress this though! Make sure your ads are as user friendly and use them sparingly! When I go to a website with ads in the article, on the side bar, and after reading one sentence a pop-up ad hits me in the face – I just leave. If you want to make money off your ads this should not happen!

Choose your ad network wisely. Adsense is still going to be my recommendation even though I use the basic WordAds.

If You Can Start Marketing Your Blog

Not everybody has money to jump start their blog. Yet, most will have some spare cash along the way. Instead of buying that Xbox or Playstation game, reinvest in your blog. The best part about marketing your own blog is you’ll see your money slowly convert into an active community around your content.

In my humble opinion, investing in your passion is the smartest decision anyone can make. If your like me as well, the more I put into my blog the more dedicated I become to making it a success. That dedication doesn’t have to be just monetarily either!

Thank you for reading this far! If you are in the process of making your own blog please chat me up in the comments. I love hearing from others!!


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