How To Save Money On A New House By Building Green

The biggest problem facing the Earth right now is the fact that us humans are pumping out more pollutants than it can handle. Almost everybody who isn’t under a rock knows this. The only reason we aren’t fixing the problem like we should is it’s expensive!

I am writing this to get the word out there about our Green Value Mortgage program. It’s something so new to our area that many have no idea it’s available!

We’re The First In Tennessee

Well my boss and I are proud to say that we can help you in saving the environment! I work at AFI Mortgage here in Middle Tennessee and we are the first in the whole state to provide these types of major discounts for building green!

This post is not sponsored by my company and I am not being payed to write this. Even though I say it I can already see the comment section piling up 😂

So What Can You Expect?

Well saving money all around is one. Yet, I have a feeling y’all want me to get more specific…

It’s Called A Green Value Mortgage

Green Value Banner

Expect A Reduced Interest Rate

As long as you qualify, and no this isn’t some ‘as long as your a freaking saint’ scheme, you get a reduced interest rate of -.025%

Now if your like me and think in big numbers, don’t let the fraction of a percent deter you. That fraction will add up over time!

Reduced Monthly Mortgage Insurance!

No joke! You can save major money here.

I am glad to say I work for a company that cares enough about the environment to do something about it in a meaningful way. We are willing to take a hit in our pocket to do our part in helping the environment. Our and did I mention that saves you cash too?

Reduced Fees

This one in my opinion is just amazing. When you buy a Green Value Mortgage approved home your lender fees are just $900!

I know what your thinking whats the catch? When am I going to be hit with the ‘aha gotcha?’ Never. We aren’t looking to make bank off of your future/new home. We honestly just want people going green! I mean come on it’s the 21st century!

Get Gift Money

I can already hear everyone and their mother saying, “hold up, your gonna give me money?” Oh yeah! As long as your buying an approved ‘Green Value’ home and qualify for the AFI 100 Down Payment Assistance Program you can receive up to 3.5% of the purchase price!

If that isn’t enough to make you click to Learn More I don’t know what is!

Why Post About Work On My Own Blog?

Well, I’m not sure how others feel, but work is an important aspect of my life. I have been given a great opportunity to work for a fantastic boss and a company that I don’t have to feel bad about driving business towards.

Not to mention that if your like most people nowadays, you don’t have any money to just blow on nonsense. So why not tell you guys how to save cash on your next huge investment!?


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