PC Fanboys Have To Eat Their Words

For the longest time I have been known for telling people to stay away from Apple’s computers. They are overpriced and underpowered. Well my friends I am sorry but today is the day I eat my words. The Dell laptop I was rocking was pretty decently spec’d out with a i7-6700HQ, GTX 960M, 12GB RAM, and 256GB SSD. For my workflow this was plenty fast and the graphics card was a little overpowered because I barely ever play games anyway. The thing is though I needed a step up on the portability, something that could keep up, and had no fan noise. The fan noise on my Dell was ridiculous, I keep my computer on most nights and the Dell would kick on full blast every 15 or so minutes loud af.

So I did some research on possible alternatives (watching YouTube reviews or unboxings) after a while I had stumbled onto the new 2017 12″ MacBook. I was amazed when I saw that with the max spec’d 12″ MacBook could render out a video faster than mine!?

How Does MacOS Make More Out Of Less

Well I will tell you, it is complicated as hell and too much for me to learn. What I can tell you though is they do it.

When I decided that it may be worth my time to check out MacBooks. I shopped for a bit and came to the conclusion that the MacBook Pro 13″ was right for my needs. I wanted to go get it in the store and walk out with it. So that left me with the 3.1 Core i5, 8GB RAM, Iris Plus 650, 512GB SSD. I was worried because of the 8GB of RAM and my spreadsheets can be very overwhelming RAM hogs. Let me just say this thing has blown me away in literally every way – am I happy I spent the money to get it? Hell no! I could have literally bought a decent used car for the same price! Although I couldn’t imagine going back! The speed even with lower powered specs is insane!

Best Features Of MacBook Pro 13 Inch Touch Bar From A Windows Users Point Of View

The Keyboard

A lot of what I do is writing and research so a good keyboard is a necessity for me. In most of the reviews I watched for this laptop the reviewers said that the keyboard was good, but what not particularly great. I have to disagree with this, for me the keyboard has been nothing less than amazing. The key travel is short but feels great and extremely responsive. For me at least the learning curve was very minimal if there at all! I have only had the laptop for two days and have found that writing is more fluid.

The Display

Now coming from a 15 inch 1080p IPS laptop this thing is drop dead gorgeous! Don’t get me wrong 1080p is more than acceptable, but when it comes to watching video the retina screen is much better. One thing that I do have to point out is because of the aspect ratio you will get the black bars on the top and bottom of YouTube videos and such. At first it through me off a bit, but I quickly got over it and the videos do look better anyway! 🙂

The Speakers

This is the main feature of Apple products that everyone expects their expertise to shine. What can I say… They blew my freaking socks off with these speakers! They are louder than my Dells and the fidelity is bar none the best I have ever heard on a laptop. I have a bluetooth speaker about the size of two fists and my MacBook Pro pumps out just as much volume and better fidelity!

If you always listen to music with your laptop speakers this is the right laptop for you hands down!

The Touch Bar

Normally I would say I saved the best for last, but if I am going to be honest that is not true here. I love the Touch Bar don’t get me wrong, yet it isn’t the shining feature for this product. It is super handy and if your looking at MacBook Pro’s then definitely go with the Touch Bar models – but it isn’t something that I would say I couldn’t live without.

However, the fingerprint scanner is where the Touch Bar shines. Paying for stuff and unlocking your laptop with your fingerprint is fucking cool. I don’t care about the benefits or added security it is just cool!

Why PC Fanboys Are Wrong About Macs

Trust me I was the part of the PC master race just three days ago and for years detested Macintosh PC’s. Yet, I have to say I was wrong – not all wrong, just half 🙂

Macs Are Overpriced

This is where I can still stand with my (ex) PC master race pals. Macs are overpriced… for hardware. The build quality is amazing, but still doesn’t justify the huge price of a computer. What does however is the software. The way Mac can make lower powered horse powered machines perform like monsters is amazing. This means a multitude of benefits – my favorite being that even while editing or light gaming there is no noticeable fan noise at all!

They Are Underpowered

This is just not the case.

Yes I know on paper they have way slower processors or graphics than any other manufacturer at their price points. However, this is due to the fact that MacOS is so fast more than that typically is just not needed. Even rendering without a dedicated graphics card on my MacBook Pro is faster than my Dell Inspiron 15 7559 with a GTX 960M which is so cool!

Also now that I have been using a Mac for a while I now know why they use the lowest powered parts that they can while still building a fast product. The silent factor, having a completely silent and capable computer is my dream come true.

I am loving my new MacBook and hope that it continues to inspire me to write here more, I really enjoy creating content on this machine. 


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