Forget The Adderall Prescription | This Nootropic Stack Is Better

I am all about optimizing my body for the best baseline possible for daily life. As I am sure many others out there struggle with my same dilemma – fatigue. I don’t naturally have a lot of energy nor the drive to get stuff done. So when I was in high school I was taking adderall on and off to help. I know it isn’t great for you, but man I wanted to do stuff and learning was almost fun again :). I have tried all these different nootropics and energy pills and most of them I can firmly say, suck.

These when taken together are amazing and come the closest to the energy and drive of adderall. Please tell me in the comments if you are going to try it or you’ve done something similar!

Best Nootropic Stack For Energy In 2017

Neuro-Peak ZHOU Nutrition


Buy It Now – $21.04 Amazon

This stuff is fantastic the first few days it is barely noticable, but the effect grows over time. It is like slowly running out of a fog, it fades into clearness. My thoughts are much more ‘direct’ is the only way I can put it and my memory is improving. Plus I have a feeling this is what brings the feeling of ‘drive’ or wanting to get stuff done that I love. Definitely worth the money, but so is the rest of the stack… 🙂

My Dosage – Take 1 in the morning

Caffeine with L-Theanine ZHOU Nutrition

Energy and Focus

Buy It Now – $18.97 Amazon

This is a fantastic source of good caffeine and these will give you one hell of a boost. No jitters and I haven’t noticed any crash since I have been taking them. You need a good foundation for the stack your going for and this is that foundation!

My Dosage – Take 2 in the morning

Resveratrol ZHOU Nutrition


Buy It Now – $19.99 Amazon

This is not a necessity for anyone other than the few out there who are like me. I have a heart problem – nothing too major – but still… These will ensure your heart has the best support it can and just in general these are great for you. So I would only recommend for those with minor heart problems or just health conscious.

My Dosage – Take 2 in the morning

Yerba Mate Guayaki

Yerba Mate

Buy It Now – $13.99 Amazon

This stuff is better for you than coffee and tastes amazing with some honey. I really don’t care too much about the healthy part just that it packs a better punch than coffee. I love this stuff and find that I can’t drink as much as I’d like because I would be running up and down walls 🙂

My Dosage – Brew one to two cups a day (around 150F) and let steep with two tea bags for 5 minutes

Disclaimer: Please talk to your doctor before switching medications or adding supplements, I am not encouraging you to go off of your meds if they are working for you.

Please tell me your thoughts below and if you like the content here check out the rest of my blog! 


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