PC Power User Makes The Switch To Mac

I have used Windows for almost all my life for home and work use. By many peoples standards I am a power user. I do massive spreadsheets, light gaming, writing, and online marketing. I am consistently watching videos, doing research (minimum of 8 tabs in chrome), and working in Excel. Since most of my work is to do with marketing I am always going in between my phone and computer. I work at home and I try to switch from working upstairs and downstairs frequently for a change of pace and to keep me from sitting in the same spot for 10 hours. This moving has caused a few phone calls or emails to be missed because I had my phone and not laptop or vice versa. This was just one of the reasons I decided to make the switch.

What Mac Did I Get?

MacBook Pro Box

I ended up going with the 13″ MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar. I went with the 512GB model – this was the perfect model for me small, but not too small and packed enough punch for what I need. I also got two adapters, one Type-C to USB and the other Type-C to USB, HDMI, Type-C. Just to make sure I wouldn’t need it I got the Magic Mouse even though I have a really nice mouse already. Just in case I need a wireless mouse on the go.

Why I Made The Switch To MacOS

I have always loved the look of MacOS and I like how it works, but I haven’t been able to justify the price of the actual Mac until recently.

Phone and Laptop Come Together

The largest determining factor in me getting a Mac was the fact that I could get my phone calls and text on my laptop. So I don’t have those annoying moments where I go upstairs and pick up my phone only to see I missed an important phone call.

MacOS Uses Resources Better

This is a highly debated topic and I cannot say this is true across the board, yet I know in my use case it is true. When it comes to working on large spreadsheets MacOS just dominates on resource management.

The New MacBook Pro Line

The new 13″ MacBooks are models that I can finally fully get on board with and truly made me want to upgrade my Dell gaming laptop. The new keyboards and key mechanism is fantastic – when I first tried typing on them I was like “holy shit I could get use to this!” The form factor of the laptop, high resolution screen, and touch bar were the best features for me. I wanted a smaller and silent laptop – I freaking got it! The resolution is just… wow, it hasn’t made a sound since I started using it!

The Touch Bar

Now even though I put it under “why i made the switch” the touch bar was not really one of the reasons. I had already decided I needed to make the upgrade by the time I made the choice to get the touch bar model. I put it in here though because the bar has made the experience just that much better. The touch bar come in handy and is a joy to use. The key feature to this though is the fingerprint scanner. The coolest thing ever is that my phone and laptop are both unlocked with my fingerprint.


Making The Switch

My switch was fairly easy although other than making hardware repairs I haven’t used a Mac in a good minute so small things to get used to.

Right Click

This is such a normal thing in the Windows world it is hard to get used to not having. Although I got used to it in less than a day, I could totally see others making the switch getting easily frustrated.

Installing Applications

This hasn’t changed much if at all from the last time I had a Mac back in the day. Just open .dmg, drag and drop, simple as that done in less than a minute. I have to be honest here, this beats the living shit out of Windows. No more downloading installers and having to decline the other 5 bloatware offers from installing. This is honestly the way programs should install across all platforms in my opinion.

FaceTime & Messages

This is a key feature that makes the Apple ecosystem amazing! The fact that I never miss a beat whether or not my phone is next to me or not is hands down the best.

The Adapter Revolution

MacBook Pro Adapter

Everyone’s heads exploded when the USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports were the only ports on new MacBooks. In my opinion I love it, USB Type-C is the future anyway so might as well rip the bandaid off. I got the adapters I needed when I bought mine and personally I don’t understand why it is a big deal at all. If your about to spend like 2k on a laptop the extra 75 bucks you spend on adapters is the part your gonna bitch about?? That makes no sense to me personally.

Will I Stay In The Apple Ecosystem?

To be honest I never thought I would be really in the ecosystem. I mean yes I had a Mac way back in the day and I really liked it but that was the beginning of the Snow Leopard glory days. Now that I am in the ecosystem I don’t think I can even think about leaving. Everything is so tied together and convenient. Like for example, you Windows power users will know this struggle, so I take a picture on my phone and need it on my laptop for a post or project. I have to email to myself, then hop on my laptop go to my email and download it then edit and use. With Apple’s amazing ecosystem – I take a picture on my iPhone and then AirDrop it to my laptop and just like that within seconds it pops up on my laptop and is in my downloads folder. It is the small things like that – that truly make the ecosystem a delight to be a part of. Not to mention the fact that MacOS is gorgeous! Anyone who says otherwise has bad taste or is lying to themselves. I know this will upset a lot of people and before you rush to the comments with your pitchforks and torches let me explain. I know plenty of people will say stuff like I don’t like the dock I like the bar at the bottom, that’s a fine opinion, but you can’t say the dock looks bad. Just MacOS flows so damn well.

Anyway as you can tell I am hooked for the moment. Let’s see how long it lasts 🙂

Well I will keep you all updated on how the switch goes. I can feel the comment war coming on, so please can we keep our cool – we are all adults. Please check out the rest of my humble blog if you liked what you read!



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