Purple Mattress Sues Honest Product Reviewer

So as I was shopping for my new potential mattress I came across this video and to be honest I had to stop shopping for a minute in disbelieve. I was looking into Purple for my next mattress, lets just say after this video I purchased another brand.

Who is Honest Mattress Reviews?

He is a YouTuber who does not have any mattress company sponsors and his channel is pretty small. It isn’t like he is pulling in any money from his YouTube hobby. His channel currently holds just under 10,000 subscribers and has been around since September 2016.

Why The Lawsuit?

When reviewing a Purple mattress he came across the fact that inside the mattress there was some “non-toxic plastic powder”, according to Purple. The lining for the mattress is pretty damn thin so it is theoretically possible to inhale the powder as you sleep. After finding this out he wrote four articles such as “what is it”, “purples acknowledgement of the powder still misleads consumers”, etc. The company instead of answering questions, proving the safety or necessity of the powder – they send him a massive lawsuit over his articles.

Purple has some fantastic marketing and branding. They even had me so close to purchasing a mattress. I am sure their mattresses are fine, but I will not give my money to a company to fund bullshit lawsuits against honest reviewers. The funny thing is though my buddies agreed with me. We were all looking for good mattresses and it’s needless to say we all got a different brand of mattress.

I had to send Purple an email just so they hopefully will see that what their doing will not help their public image. Purple is acting like a shady company with no integrity and if they keep it up in three or so years when I need another one my money will continue to go in the opposite direction of them.

My email to Purple:

I watched the video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eB0KFPx-GQ, I was literally in the process of purchasing one of your mattresses. What I found out in this video is disgusting and how your company went about suing a reviewer who made a completely genuine review. For one I could care less about the powder crap and probably would have still bought the mattress. But your company is acting in a horrible manor and to be honest I would rather buy a mattress from a crappy company now than yours. I cannot stand to know my money is going to people who bully their way to the top. Much less when somebody points out a potential health risk with your product and you sue them into silence! Anyway I doubt anyone with importance will see this and that’s fine. Just in case though know you lost a lot of money with me and my two other roommates, we’re now happy temper-pedic owners.

So Is Their A Health Risk With Purple Mattresses??

I really don’t know. Purple claims that it is non-toxic and to be honest I want to believe them, but then why sue a reviewer who pointed this “totally safe non-toxic powder” out?

Purple, How Could You resolve This Whole Ordeal?

  • Stop suing the poor reviewer – this will diminish the “I am an asshole” stain that’s now on your company.
  • Come out and say it – what is the powder? Nobody cares that is “non-toxic” WTF is it?
  • If you can, remove it – If it isn’t completely necessary then remove the powder because I am sure it theoretically possible to inhale it through the mattresses thin liner.
  • If you can’t, explain – If the powder is a must have then explain why and explain how you have made it immensely difficult to possibly inhale while sleeping.

Purple can and should get its shit together. If by some miracle a Purple representative sees this, please communicate the message to your companies higher ups. Because the longer this type of company attitude continues the closer you come to needing a new f*cking job.


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