Is A Mechanical Keyboard Worth Your Money?

Personally, I have never used a mechanical keyboard until very recently. I have always tested them in stores and loved the feel of the mechanical keys. Even with the outstanding amount of raving reviews on different keyboards – I have held out on spending that kind of money on one. However recently I needed a new keyboard and I had done some work for my family so one of them took me out to get one. As I was looking at the range of cheap membrane keyboards, I picked up one of Logitech’s mechanical keyboards that was just over $100 to ask for it purely for shits and giggles. To my surprise she was like ‘sure you deserve it’ and who am I to reject a sweet upgrade.

Coming From Membrane + Laptop Keyboards To Mechanical

Other than typing for a couple minutes on a display model in a store, the first mechanical keyboard I have used I got 2-3 days ago. So I am still getting more use to the layout compared to my ‘el-cheapo’ keyboard, but to say my experience with my new mechanical keyboard is anything short of amazing is an understatement. The difference between the typing experience is night and day – I never thought that the act of typing could be so fun. The key travel and distinctive feel makes the keyboard hard to stop using.

For those of you who already have a mechanical keyboard, please tell me in the comments section if the feeling of never wanting to quit typing goes away? I hope it will to be honest cause it is weird to go out and miss your keyboard!

Pro’s To Making The Switch

I always wanted the nice looking keyboard with the ‘better’ typing experience, yet didn’t believe that spending over $100 on a keyboard would be a worth while en devour. Oh boy how wrong I was. If your like me and think that a great looking keyboard isn’t worth that kind of money to you, the money doesn’t mainly go into the look. It goes into making your keyboard have an addictive tactile feel.

membrane vs mechanical

A fantastic addition to the great feel of a mechanical keyboard is the ability to switch the keys to change the look of your keyboard. Personally I love the keys that came standard on my keyboard so I will stick with them. But having the choice to change them is great – not to mention the fact that should one or more of my keys get ruined or start fading I can replace them.

Better For Gaming?

So I have made it clear how great the typing experience is, but how is the gaming?

gaming on pc

Well, to be completely honest my gaming experience is unchanged. I like the keyboard more than my previous of course, yet the keyboard has not effected how I play. I play a lot of Crossout and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and I haven’t been able to tell either way. This is a good thing because no one can say people with mechanical keyboards have an advantage over other people and the keyboard hasn’t negatively effected how I play.

If your looking for a keyboard to improve how well you game though your looking in the wrong department. Graphics cards or SSDs are more of what your looking for.

Is The Upgrade Worth It?

To put it plain and simple, yes! It is one of those things that just seems unnecessary until you have it. The difference is night and day. If your like me and spend more than half of your day at your desk then do yourself a favor and get a mechanical keyboard that matches your style.

Keep in mind when buying – pay attention to the key style and do your due diligence. Different keys will be more clicky others will be more quite. They will also have different typing experiences. So shop around and make sure you get what is right for you.


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