How My Blog Has Or Should I Say Will, Earn Revenue

My blog is still very small, but I see its potential for growth in the future.

I truly enjoy writing so I don’t want to hear the “your in it for the money” speeches down in the comments.

Let me be real with you guys, yes I hope this blog makes a good amount of money some day. Am I holding my breath? Nope.

So how do I make money from my blog?

Ad Revenue

To be honest I am not an ad guru. I use the built in WordAds with The only reason I haven’t switched over to Adsense is simply because of the ease of WordAds and the fact that my blog is no where near the amount of visitors to justify the switch… yet.


I haven’t heard great things about WordAds, but it is doing alright for me at the moment of writing.

Will I switch? No. I will not technically switch over. My plan is to start using Adsense in areas that the WordAds stears clear of.

In the future when I implement Adsense I want to make it clear my blog will not turn into 95% ads and 5% content. I will implement ads in a way that fills empty space in a clean way.

Link Shortening

As of writing I have not implemented this form of advertising. However, hopefully by the time your reading this I have.

One of the best companies for paid link advertising. I hope this is viewed by my readers as a tasteful way of advertising.

I hate pop-up ads or sign up forms, so I will not put that garbage on my blog.

With you the reader won’t have to deal with those horrible ads that pop up as you mouse over them. Just when you click an outgoing link, you will have to wait a few seconds and then off you go.

Feedback Request

If you have an opinion whether it be positive or negative regarding as an advertising technique on this blog please leave a comment.

I look forward to hearing from you!

That’s Really It

I truly haven’t setup my blog to be a revenue machine. Only because I am focusing on growing my collection of content.

Creating Consistent Posts

Posting consistently is almost always going to make or brake a website/blogs marketability. Generally speaking people don’t want to come back to a site where new content is few and far in between.

This has been my struggle from the beginning. However, I have done a lot of self improvement to ensure I bring content regularly.

To be honest I fully believe that posting regularly will grow my community. Once I have a bigger reader base, I plan on doing another/revised version of this one. Mainly because I can’t fill this with different ways I making money on this blog, because I don’t have the amount of visitors to try a ton.

Thank you for reading and if you want to hear more from me sign up for the newsletter to get access to exclusive content and be entered to win my monthly giveaways!


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