Battlegrounds For PS4 Might Not Be A Long Shot

I was watching one of my favorite streamer’s YouTube videos earlier. He so happened to mention the fact he was talking to the community manager of Battlegrounds. Watch it here,

So apparently the exclusivity of Battlegrounds for Xbox is only for a time. No one will tell how long, most likely because it hasn’t been decided.

Microsoft probably will not like the fact that this post exists. They sure do love their exclusives.

This is great news for a buddy of mine who has a PS4.

I had said in a past post that I seriously doubted that the game would come to PS4. This is one of the many times I have to say I was wrong.

I will however stick to my guns about the fact that Bluehole has their work cut out for them when it comes to porting that game over to consoles. Yet with the games overwhelming popularity they have the money to afford the work.

Bluehole also hasn’t made the mistake of setting a real close deadline for the release. So they have the time and money for the release to be pretty damn perfect.

If your hopes are up for the PS4 release, don’t hold your breath – it will be a while.

Just in case you want to check out StoneMountain on YouTube.


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