Why I Dislike GMass For Email Marketing

Too often I hear the misconception flying threw the air that email marketing doesn’t work or that it is outdated. The simple fact of the matter is, that is so far from the truth. Email marketing is thriving and one of the top ways to bring in new leads. That being said, it really comes down to if your doing it right. If you want to how email marketing is done right, please check out my post here.

If your like me in your search for great email marketing tools either you stumbled on GMass or someone referred it to you. I do not do email marketing for myself. I use it for my job, the biggest one of my responsibilities is bringing the company new leads. My boss and I thought GMass could be one of our new invaluable tools in our tool-belt.

GMass Features | Straight From Their Website

Gmail’s Compose Window

Compose your message just like any other Gmail message. Include attachments and inline images.

Test Mode

Choose to only create Drafts, in case you don’t want GMass to actually send emails, or if you want to see what the email will look like first.

Google Sheets Integration

Choose a Google Sheets spreadsheet and GMass will pull email addresses and other fields from it.


Schedule mass emails to be sent later.

Open Tracking & Click Tracking

Turn open-tracking on or off.

Unsubscribe Link

Provide an optional unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails.


Campaign level reports that show how many people opened, clicked, replied, and bounced. All reports are now downloadable in CSV format. Reports show up under the “GMass Reports” Label on the left.

Email List Builder

Extract email addresses just by searching for past conversations in your account.

Automatic Follow-up Emails

Set automatic follow-up reminder emails to be sent until your recipient replies or opens. The best way possible to boost response rates.

Reply Management

Emails received in response to a mass email, including replies and bounces, are automatically categorized for you, preventing Inbox clutter.

Break Gmail’s Sending Limits

Send email campaigns to greater than 500 (or 2,000 for Google Apps users) people at a time, using our distribution technology. Send campaigns to up to 10,000 recipients, and GMass will auto-send them over multiple days so you don’t violate Gmail’s limits.

With Those Features, What’s Wrong?

False Advertising

Well don’t get me wrong GMass does offer some absolutely fantastic features which I will get to. However, they are the first company I have directly done business with that participated in false advertising. I can stand a lot, like the fact their customer service is shit. Yet I cannot pay someone my hard earned money when they straight up lied to my face. How did they lie you say? Well… Reread “Break Gmail’s Sending Limits” feature. Apparently you can send campaigns above 500 or 2,000 for Google Apps users. Then they somehow pull the number 10,000 out of their ass. I tried to sign up for Google Apps Premium subscription, because I need to send at the least 2,000 emails per day. I kid you not the website told me no, I wanted the Gmail Premium option. What the literal hell? Hopefully you can tell I am still salty from this whole experience… I continue on purchasing the Gmail Premium plan assuming they know what their saying. 20 minutes later I have my first GMass campaign ready to go. Then I find out that you cannot send to more than 4,000 recipients without using Google Sheets. I try to use Google Sheets to load my email list and to my surprise I cannot get it to even load up my file, I assume do to its size. Not wanting to see my money go in vein I say screw it and load up 3,999 recipients. I press that red GMass button and then I am informed that 490 emails will go out that day and the rest will be spread out multiple days. I knew that this was a possibility, but I was informed I didn’t need the Google Apps version and literally was not allowed to purchase it.

So I immediately cancelled my subscription and informed them that I will not be referring anybody till they basically get their shit together. Although I can come really close to a guarantee nobody has seen or will see my response.

The Lack of Customer Service

This is a company that took more than three days to respond to a simple question. They also basically tell you not to ask them questions and go their blog, WTF that is not a way to answer customers questions!

The Good

I am sure GMass has more than a few very satisfied customers and quality features. Although I was not able to experience almost any of them. The only feature I was able to get use out of was the Test Email feature. At least it worked well.


I cannot refer anyone to this service, due to the massive lack of customer service. Also not to mention the fact that their sending limits claims can be considered a freaking lie. Maybe in the future their “distribution technology” can be upgraded to fit my use case. At that point I might recant my opinion. However, I highly doubt it will happen.


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