Email Marketing & How To Do It Right

Getting your product or service in front of potential customer’s eyes is the key to success. Because of spam emails or spam like marketing campaigns, many consumers have a hard time believing that email marketing is still a viable marketing solution. I am here to tell you it can be if done right.

Choosing The Right Email Marketing Provider

Everyone has a different usage scenario, so I cannot in good faith tell anyone what to use. Although the best advice I can give would be to do your due diligence and window shop different providers.

What I Recommend

Mail Chimp

This is my favorite provider. They have a fantastic service that is easy to use and still packs a good amount of quality features. Their customer service is great and they have a mobile app that is a great tool.

Constant Contact

I have not used it, yet I know people who do and they have good things to say about it. The only feature that I know anything about would be that Constant Contact integrates really well with other email marketing tools. So if your already using other types of marketing or email marketing tools check this provider out.

Provide Opt-In Opportunities

No matter how well your email campaigns look, if there is nobody to receive them, what good is it? Getting new people interested in hearing about your content, product, or service to opt-in to getting emails is the most commonly over-looked part of email marketing.

Great Ideas For Opt-Ins

  • An email newsletter signup on relevant website pages.

  • Opt-in option on order forms and customer surveys that are sent out.

Warning the following contains a shameless plug for my own newsletter:

If you want to get access to exclusive content and giveaways please fill out the newsletter sign up form! Just click on newsletter in the menu!

The Subject Line Should Be Your Main Focus

The key to success for every email marketing campaign can be boiled down to getting recipients to actually open your email. The subject line needs to be informative, yet leave the recipient wanting/craving to know what your email contains. There are some important things to keep in mind when writing your subject line though:

  • Keep it intriguing and informative.

  • A max of 60 characters (strive for less than 50).

  • Stay clear of spam like words such as “guarantee”, “call now”, “urgent”, “free”

Create A Beautiful, Yet Simplistic Design

Ensure your content looks good on phones as well!

Many people over think the content and pack too much into information into a small area. The most important parts of an email is the overall look and call to action.

Keep the design clean and simple, this comes across as professional. Use a good mix of text and images. Build the email for your recipients not for yourself. A clear call to action with an easy to see and follow link will be your best bet.

Find quality simplistic email templates and take the best aspects of them to build your email campaign. The call to action and the template need to go together to give clear and concise information that drives your recipient to find out more through your link.

Test & Track

Always Send Test Email(s)

Before sending out mass emails, always send a test copy to yourself to ensure there are no errors. Also a great practice is to send it to someone else who is a close friend or family member, it is easier for you to miss your own mistakes.

Do Not Take Tracking Lightly

Always make sure before starting email marketing campaigns that the proper due diligence has been done to track the emails. All to many times people take this for granted. The data that tracking provides can give you an invaluable edge up in the marketing world. Knowing what is working and what is not allows you to change your marketing strategy for the better. Keep your eye out for these pieces of data to maximize your campaigns reach and success:

  • Open Rate – How many recipients actually open and view your email.

  • Deliver-ability – How many people actually received your email, this is an important feature to use to clean up your email lists.

  • Click Through Rate – Which people actually follow your call to action or click on links.

Now Go Out & Grow Your Brand or Business

Adding these tips and tricks into your marketing tool belt can give you a leg up. Never write off email marketing because it isn’t bringing in new leads or purchases right off the bat. Email marketing is a long term investment in yourself and your brand. In time and done right it can not only increase your online presence, but become an invaluable way of bringing new customers/leads.

Hope you learned something and enjoyed the information. Have an amazing day!


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