PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox One & PS4 Release

The game that almost everyone is talking about has been officially announced to be coming to Xbox One as an exclusive.

Even with that announcement I have heard many rumors that the developers Bluehole will later be bringing it to PS4.

What Is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?

On the off hand that you haven’t heard of the game. It is a Battle Royale game that quickly rose to the top 5 most played games on Steam.

The game starts off on the “spawn island” where you and 99 other people wait for the game to start. When it begins you are in a cargo plane on the way over a 8 x 8 km island, where you can choose when to jump out and parachute down.

Parachuting into the map

Once on the ground it is a race to scavenge for loot such as meds, weapons, and armor. Then it is a battle to the death and the last person standing wins a “chicken dinner”. The great visuals in the game are powered by the Unreal Engine 4.

My Personal Take On The Game

I have a gaming laptop with some decent hardware including an i7 and 960M which runs the game fine. With the recent optimizations Bluehole has released my performance has improved.

The game overall is extremely competitive and the rush of making it to the end is incredible. The addictive aspect of the game is in the last few circles as they close in, trying to keep every angle covered. Take my word for it and give it a try – it’s worth your time.

Will The Console Version Be Worth It?

There are numerous problems with porting the game over to a console.

The biggest being performance. Optimization for the PC version is still under way and can still use more work. Consoles just don’t have the processing power that most computers can muster up. Making it that much more complicated in my opinion to implement. Not to mention there are some in-game aspects that will need workarounds.


How will they map the overwhelming number of controls? Many of which could be difficult to perform on a controller. Such as using alt look, to look to your sides and behind you. This could prove to be very difficult to implement well.

The Loot System

Looting is made much easier by pressing tab and dragging and dropping items. So Bluehole will most likely have to remove this type of feature for the console version.

Also inventory management will take longer having to use a controller. Leaving you vulnerable to having your head blown clean off just because you needed to put a silencer on your weapon.

Overall Expectation For Console Release

I hope they can blow my mind with a fantastic way to get around the topics I mentioned. However, I am not holding my breath. Not to mention the fact that Bluehole stated the full console release will not be ready till 2018.

At least I can say that with that kind of time they might be able to work out all the kinks.

If you have an opinion on the matter please comment below and share your opinion with me!

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