Are Cheaper Gaming Laptops Worth Your Time & Money?

Most of the tech influencers out there tend to avoid the cheaper options of gaming laptops. Which is ironic because they are what the large majority of gamers looking for laptops will go for. Not everyone is balling to the point where they can justify dropping over a grand on their gaming machine.

Cheap Gaming Laptop Guide

Watch Reviews

A video review is an important tool for determining just how much the company cut corners on quality to be able to afford the gaming internals. A reviewer will do their best to illustrate the overall quality of the laptop and will sometimes provide their opinion on a better bang for buck option.

Make Sure It Can Play The Games You Like

Just because the laptop your interested in has decent specifications does not mean it can play the games you like at settings your okay with. Your best option for ensuring the gaming performance is good enough for you will be searching on YouTube for the laptops graphics card and the name of the game you love to play.

Ensure The Laptop Has Enough Ports

Most consumers end up over looking the connectivity factor of purchasing a laptop. Everyone has different use cases when it comes to their computer. Two USB ports may work for most, yet for me personally it would not. I usually have a mouse and controller plugged in, so if I needed to plug in more devices I would have to purchase an adapter. I don’t want to have to buy and remember to carry around an adapter. So make sure the gaming laptop your interested in has the ports you need.

What I Use For My Laptop

Even though I have built many computers for others and my first couple computers. When I got the computer I have now I wanted portability for work and playing at LAN parties. My budget was limited and was not able to spend over $1,000.

Dell Inspiron 7559 Gaming

This budget gaming laptop is what I ended up going with. I checked out many Acer gaming laptops on Amazon, but most of them had sub-par build quality. I knew my laptop would need to last as long as possible and Acer laptops are good spec wise; however, they lack in overall build quality. I did a great job in researching my purchase, because Dell’s build quality is great and the laptop performs great for what I do. I was able to get this model for under $1,000:

  • Intel Core i7 – 6700HQ

  • 8GB of RAM

  • GTX 960M 4GB VRAM

  • 1TB of storage

  • 1920 x 1080 IPS Panel

  • Backlit Keyboard

  • Great Trackpad

Upgrades Done Down The Road

Even though this has been great for what I use it for there have been some upgrades that I have done to make it better.


The 1TB hard drive is great for bigger storage, but even with all my work files and my game library installed I’m only using 190GB. With that in mind and the fact that I did not have enough money to purchase a 500GB SSD. I got what I could afford to improve game load times and overall system performance.

Additional 4GB of RAM

The funny thing about this upgrade is, I play some pretty damn resource intensive games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and I did not have any problems with only 8GB of RAM. However, when I got my new job a while ago I started working with extremely large Excel databases. This is where my RAM became a problem. I was going to and still plan on purchasing an extra stick of 8GB. Yet I told my boss about it in a meeting and he just slowly grabbed and set a stick of RAM in front of me while I was doing something on my laptop. The extra stick has helped, but another 4GB can’t hurt.

Would I Buy Again?

Hell to the yes! I have had a fantastic experience with my ‘budget’ laptop. I have ran Ubuntu Budgie and Windows 10 on it, both work flawlessly. Since this has been the only only laptop I have used since my first Acer netbook way back in the day, I may not be the laptop guru, but I have to say it has been a great investment.

So Are Gaming Laptops Worth Your Time & Money?

In my humble opinion I must recommend giving them a shot. Just do not blindly buy one that looks cool or has great specs. If the specs look to good to be true most likely the company who makes it cut corners on the overall quality of the laptop. This is important to keep in mind because if the hinge goes out or the screen is shit what good are those specs.

Hope this post has either helped you or been a great read. Enjoy the rest of your day and please check out my other posts!


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