Is Fiverr A Good Platform To Find Freelance Writers?

First for the few who have not heard of Fiverr, it is a platform where anyone can buy or sell services called gigs. They are almost always $5 dollars, although it is not uncommon for gigs to have different tiers that can up to multiple hundreds of dollars for more extensive work. Also many $5 gigs have optional extras such as 1 day delivery, extra features, etc.

This platform is great for people looking for services such as marketing, writing, and testimonials. With the ease of access to start selling it has been flooded with people with lacking education or specialized skills. So the question remains can someone looking for a good writer find the talent they need on Fiverr?

Ensure The Seller’s Ability To Write

Many sellers are from third world countries, which is not a problem, yet when you need quality content having a writer whose first language is English is better. A writer whose first language is English will have an advantage because they are more likely to catch spelling errors. The easiest way to determine if someone is a qualified writer is to read their bio, more than once I found blatant grammar errors and misspellings in a seller’s bio. Not to mention if there are errors in the gig’s description, steer clear of it. The seller clearly did not do due diligence in making their ad, so why would they do it when they get your money.

Look For Real Pictures – Not Stock Photos

A great way of finding a qualified writer is to look for one with a real picture. This means they are serious about what they do. Gigs with only stock photos are not always scams, yet they are a good indicator.

The Price

If the price comes across as too good to be true, it is. No one will offer you 3 amazing 1500 word original articles for $5. It just isn’t worth their time. If you wouldn’t spend a whole day writing for $5 most likely no one else will.

Get A Feel For The Platform

Look around at what people have to offer. Different writers have different writing styles and finding a writer with the style that your looking for is the most important part. Getting a great writer who does a type of writing that is different than yours can be frustrating. The balance between quality and style is what can match you with a great writer for your needs.

You Need To Window Shop

Shopping through the hundreds or thousands of just writers on Fiverr can sound overwhelming. Just remember you don’t need to see all of them. It is important to find out the pricing range and what there is out there though. Many people look at a few gigs and decide quickly who they are going to use without proper due diligence. This will immediately back fire when you discover the writer’s style is just not what your looking for.

Look For Demo Writings or Request Them

The best way to ensure that you find the right person for you is to not only read the reviews, but look at their writings. Many of the writers who take freelance writing seriously will provide when asked or already have pictures of their writings available in their gig. This will give you a first hand look at the type or style of writing you will get.

Conclusion & Test

If you need help getting content out for your readers don’t overlook the freelance writer’s on Fiverr. Although many will tell you that paying someone to write for you is a dirty way to run your blog and to some extent I agree, when done transparently and correctly it can benefit readers and content creators alike.

With all of that being said, I decided a while ago that the best way to give this post some backbone would be to hire a writer on Fiverr. I hired theahmedadel on Fiverr to see what type of writing I could get. Check out the article he wrote here.

Have a fantastic day!


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