Revamping The Blog & An Explanation

First Off I Must Apologize and Explain

I have to address the overwhelmingly obvious lack of consistent content for the past few months. I don’t really have a good enough excuse in my opinion, but it is as simple as I have been very busy. I have recently been doing a ton of work getting my own local business started. I will explain in more detail about that later.

I wanted to first off say I truly apologize to the current few who enjoy my writing. I neglected my own blog and that stops today. From now on I will be doing the up most I can to continue to bring regular posts. I also am going to be making sure I don’t post up those extremely short posts that look like their for fucking twitter. There is a reason I started this instead of going to social media. I want my own platform to discuss topics in detail with like-minded folks. Hopefully with this new found dedication to the blog and myself, I can grow this into more than just a blog.

Starting My Own Business

Picture of my business website
My laptop with my local (Middle Tennessee) business website up.

I was so focused on getting the back-end of my business set up that I forgot to continue posting on my own blog. As time went along more and more things came into play that needed to be addressed so I could start receiving clients. Then I had clients and needed to do consultations, not to mention continue to try and acquire more clients. All in all a snowball effect took place and before I knew it I was remembering ‘oh yeah I have a blog, I should probably start working on it.’ And I will.

So what is the business I started? The name is Stir Fried Media. It is an offline backup/data protection service that is local to the Middle Tennessee area. I offer a 100% safe back-up solution, also offer fantastic one-on-one website creation and computer building classes. Should you live in the area and be interested please feel free to check it out here.

My New Job

About a month ago I switched to a new job working for a family friend. I do some very technical work, that is way to difficult to explain. Not to mention I signed a non-disclosure agreement and I would like to continue the job lol. This is mainly how I pay bills and keep my head above water. Although my business is by no means failing, it hasn’t grown to the point where I can just quit doing anything else. Which in my opinion is far from a bad thing. My business does not take up nearly all my time, so I enjoy having another job to occupy some extra free time. Not everyone would want to cut out their personal free time, but the way I see it if I can continue to watch my TV shows or YouTube videos and get work done. Then why not get paid to multitask? I know good and well the other option is to not do anything else other than watch videos or TV all day.

How This Blog Fits Into My Hectic Life

It is as simple as I enjoy writing and nothing makes me happier than working on something that I personally believe has value. The best part of me revamping and dedicating time to writing content on here is that it gives the site a chance to grow. Hopefully with enough work and consistency it can reach the point where it is financially beneficial. However; don’t get me wrong I see a long road of writing ahead before any type of monetary gain happens. Not to mention the simple fact that if this had been or was about the money I would be heart broken by now haha. Although nobody will admit it everyone wants to make money off their hobby, the only thing that separates the successful from the failures is the drive to stick with it through the dry spells. And I damn well intend to stick around regardless of my circumstances.

Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed slam that like button, and check out an older, but interesting and informative article here!


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