DayDream View | My Take On The Android Virtual Reality Experience

To be honest, I expected a type of ‘oh that’s pretty cool’ reaction when I tried virtual reality on a android device. However, I was truly blown away by the amazing effects that just an phones processor and on-board GPU could put out. Now I have the top of the line Pixel XL so it is no slouch when it comes to specs and speed. Still though the type of detail that it can put out is awesome. Yet with all that being said let me discuss the headset now.

The headset is extremely easy to use, either loosen or tighten the strap depending on whether or not it can support the weight of the headset and move the goggles portion around till the screen becomes in-focus the best for you. Point the included controller in front of you and hold down the second from the top circular button to center the screen and it’s off to the races! The welcome setup process is great and fun – a little slow though, but still a good bit of discovery and enjoyment.


-PolyrunnerVR – A great free game to check out when first setting up device!

Both the headset and controller feel like they are made of premium materials. My only gripes about the device is that with more than 20-30 minutes of use the headset starts to hurt or leave a dastardly mark on my forehead. Also the controller is very smooth plastic which I have dropped three times already. The controller is where I feel most of the money went to anyway though, it survives drops like a champ performs great and connection is in my opinion 9/10! The headset it self is just the lenses and a comfortable holder for your phone essentially, no tech to charge here. Onto the controller it charges with USB Type-C so if your like me and have a Pixel XL then its perfect!

So far have been blown away and could not help but recommend checking this product out to everybody! Please go here to see it on Amazon!

This review was in no way sponsored or endorsed by any company or product. This goes for any and all reviews on this site as well!


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