Crafting Dead | The Best Alternative For DayZ

Many of the people, including myself, were extremely let down by standalone DayZ. The mod was great even with being littered with bugs and glitches. So when development on the standalone game was being push backed, I like many others in the game’s reviews thought that they must’ve been polishing the hell out of it. Oh boy were we wrong, I returned my first Steam game ever because of DayZ Standalone. I by no means have an insane gaming system, but I have a nice gaming laptop with top end Intel CPU and Nvidia graphics card. Even with these specs I couldn’t get more than 35 FPS! With the graphics set to a despicable low setting I could maybe average 40 FPS…  Not to mention the game was still filled with bugs like the mod!


So after DayZ Standalone left such a bad taste in my mouth, I looked for a game where I could get the same type of experience. Maybe one without an in-depth running simulator. Instead of talking about the games that I played and were alright substitutions, I’ll stick to my favorite – one that in my opinion beats DayZ in the first place!…

Official Crafting Dead – Is a mod for Minecraft (available through the Technic Launcher) that in my opinion provides a very similar feel to DayZ & In my opinion it improves upon the idea of DayZ! If your interested in getting the game installed check out a video tutorial here.


Crafting Dead Review:

This is a mod pack for Minecraft, given that it is based on Minecraft no reason to expect the most detailed or realistic graphics. Yet, I would recommend giving it a shot. Why? Well graphics is not close to everything in games! This game excels at optimization (of course it’s built on Minecraft), the map design is awesome, looting is fun, and REMOVED WALKING SIMULATOR!

Crafting Dead adds guns, hero/bandit ranks, different types of zombies, new items, and a balanced DayZ like experience. The biggest similarity between Crafting Dead and DayZ is the player interaction! Turning a corner and just seeing another player is a thrill! Every time two players meet there is a chance; they both live, one walks away barely alive, they team up, or one of them is 50 blocks up on a building sniping every sole who walks through a city street! But that is realism in part, and even though I get upset when those types of far range shots kill me – I am not to hurt because the rate at which you can get geared back up is much faster than DayZ. Even with the difficulty of finding gear being lower than DayZ, Crafting Dead still has – in my opinion at least – more balanced game play.

Want to check it out for yourself? Find it here.


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