Am I The Only One Trying Really Hard To Be Excited About AMD Ryzen?

Don’t get me wrong I really want Ryzen to be great, but so far from what I have heard about Intel planning to drop prices and AMD’s Ryzen new line-ups caveats… I don’t think this will put AMD back on the market as the new chip everybody wants. To many Intel exclusives and them still showing a competition to the new Ryzen CPU’s.

Although they do have an amazing motherboard picture lmao –



Trying To Make Money Online? Best Two Ways To Get More Income

Recently this website has not been getting the constant content it deserves and needs! I wanted to stress that this is not without reason and shall not continue! The reason is because I have been busy with overtime at work and trying to work on diversifying my online presence. I want to be able to generate income to become a full-time content creator. So if your trying to do the same here is a couple of things I have been working on and could help you as well!

  • Create your own YouTube Content


YouTube allows monetization on your videos so if you have a big enough audience you can generate a fair amount of money per month. DO NOT EXPECT TO GET RICH SOON!

My best advice is don’t just create content in one place, diversify and link back to each other. To attract relevant and interested viewers!

  • Start Freelancing On Fiverr


If you have a talent or idea that you know people would want. Check Fiverr out! It is a fantastic platform for freelancing, and depending on the marketability of your gig(what Fiverr calls peoples services) you can make quite a bit!


Why Should I Vape?

Firstly, I must explain the title of this of this post. I don’t agree with telling others how they should run there life when it comes to smoking or vaping. So this is just why I am and should be vaping. Simply because I had a lapse in judgment and ended up addicted to cigarettes. I recently quit the cancer sticks and hope to eventually ween myself off the electronic cigarette. I believe this is what vaping is for and exactly why it needs to be available. They are not healthy by any means; however, they are healthier than actual smoking and are a great path to getting smokeless!

DayDream View | My Take On The Android Virtual Reality Experience

To be honest, I expected a type of ‘oh that’s pretty cool’ reaction when I tried virtual reality on a android device. However, I was truly blown away by the amazing effects that just an phones processor and on-board GPU could put out. Now I have the top of the line Pixel XL so it is no slouch when it comes to specs and speed. Still though the type of detail that it can put out is awesome. Yet with all that being said let me discuss the headset now.

The headset is extremely easy to use, either loosen or tighten the strap depending on whether or not it can support the weight of the headset and move the goggles portion around till the screen becomes in-focus the best for you. Point the included controller in front of you and hold down the second from the top circular button to center the screen and it’s off to the races! The welcome setup process is great and fun – a little slow though, but still a good bit of discovery and enjoyment.


-PolyrunnerVR – A great free game to check out when first setting up device!

Both the headset and controller feel like they are made of premium materials. My only gripes about the device is that with more than 20-30 minutes of use the headset starts to hurt or leave a dastardly mark on my forehead. Also the controller is very smooth plastic which I have dropped three times already. The controller is where I feel most of the money went to anyway though, it survives drops like a champ performs great and connection is in my opinion 9/10! The headset it self is just the lenses and a comfortable holder for your phone essentially, no tech to charge here. Onto the controller it charges with USB Type-C so if your like me and have a Pixel XL then its perfect!

So far have been blown away and could not help but recommend checking this product out to everybody! Please go here to see it on Amazon!

This review was in no way sponsored or endorsed by any company or product. This goes for any and all reviews on this site as well!

Crafting Dead | The Best Alternative For DayZ

Many of the people, including myself, were extremely let down by standalone DayZ. The mod was great even with being littered with bugs and glitches. So when development on the standalone game was being push backed, I like many others in the game’s reviews thought that they must’ve been polishing the hell out of it. Oh boy were we wrong, I returned my first Steam game ever because of DayZ Standalone. I by no means have an insane gaming system, but I have a nice gaming laptop with top end Intel CPU and Nvidia graphics card. Even with these specs I couldn’t get more than 35 FPS! With the graphics set to a despicable low setting I could maybe average 40 FPS…  Not to mention the game was still filled with bugs like the mod!


So after DayZ Standalone left such a bad taste in my mouth, I looked for a game where I could get the same type of experience. Maybe one without an in-depth running simulator. Instead of talking about the games that I played and were alright substitutions, I’ll stick to my favorite – one that in my opinion beats DayZ in the first place!…

Official Crafting Dead – Is a mod for Minecraft (available through the Technic Launcher) that in my opinion provides a very similar feel to DayZ & In my opinion it improves upon the idea of DayZ! If your interested in getting the game installed check out a video tutorial here.


Crafting Dead Review:

This is a mod pack for Minecraft, given that it is based on Minecraft no reason to expect the most detailed or realistic graphics. Yet, I would recommend giving it a shot. Why? Well graphics is not close to everything in games! This game excels at optimization (of course it’s built on Minecraft), the map design is awesome, looting is fun, and REMOVED WALKING SIMULATOR!

Crafting Dead adds guns, hero/bandit ranks, different types of zombies, new items, and a balanced DayZ like experience. The biggest similarity between Crafting Dead and DayZ is the player interaction! Turning a corner and just seeing another player is a thrill! Every time two players meet there is a chance; they both live, one walks away barely alive, they team up, or one of them is 50 blocks up on a building sniping every sole who walks through a city street! But that is realism in part, and even though I get upset when those types of far range shots kill me – I am not to hurt because the rate at which you can get geared back up is much faster than DayZ. Even with the difficulty of finding gear being lower than DayZ, Crafting Dead still has – in my opinion at least – more balanced game play.

Want to check it out for yourself? Find it here.

FREE TV Shows & Movies | Sounds Too Good? Well It Isn’t!

For a while now I have been watching Netflix, Hulu, Cable TV/Movies, and almost any other show or movie that has ever been made – for free!

Screenshot (2).png

How?? I use a media center application called Kodi, it is for one a beautiful program that you can integrate your local Movies, TV Shows, Music, etc. However, the main feature of this open source program is the add-ons. I use and will teach you to use an add-on called Exodus, which congregates almost any possible shows or movies in a decently polished way.

Screenshot (3).png

This sounds too good to be true… To be honest it really does, think about it, in one year the average family spends at least $100 on Netflix alone! So it is really hard to believe someone could get all of that content and multitudes more for free does sound a little far fetched.

That being said I have been using for at least 6 months now and I will throw in my input on whether or not anyone should just drop cable and Netflix. Personally I have, but it isn’t for everyone. The buffering times can be bad depending on what you’re watching and it will glitch out every once in awhile needing a restart. Since I’m not making enough money to spend any of these services it really doesn’t matter to me. That said I’m also a cheap guy and probably wouldn’t spend the money on them if I had it. I mean really why?… So what I have to stop and restart the program once in a blue moon, it’s free!

How To Drive Traffic To Your New Blog Or Website!


This is my first website/blog, so I’m in the process of implementing these tips I have for you. My only hope is that you enjoy the content, it helps you grow your website, and if you really like it share this post with anybody you think might want to read it themselves.

If you’ve just launched a website or blog starting with no traffic and no clue how to rank your website like me a week ago, let me share a little advice I have for you:

  • Create back-links. Be creative and think out of the box on this one mainly. Think of any brilliant idea you can in which you can spread your link (IN A NON-SPAMMY WAY), this could be on any platform such as a forum, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.
  • Create content! This one isn’t always as simple as it seems. Create content that is at least somewhat relevant to your website. If you can’t stay posting regular content at the start of your website going live, make sure it will be the first problem resolved. No one likes going to a half finished website.
  • Don’t use to much Flash. From what I’ve read on other posts around is Flash is not (or very rarely) indexed by search engines. So steer clear of Flash to ensure more of your content can be indexed.
  • Use relevant and highlighted keywords. Most likely if you have done any search on seo or marketing a website, you are so annoyed by reading yet again another post on using keywords. However – just in case you didn’t know highlighted keywords helps, also if your using WordPress they have tags (like keywords) that helps tremendously. Don’t forget to use keywords in your title and to make it catching to entice readers to stay, this will also help in search engines. But do not make it click bait that crap is just annoying!

These are some essential tips that have shown to help my website out quite a bit. I know there are people reading this wanting more for sure, well if you have a WordPress site check out a detailed post here. For a more generalized post click here. If your like me and could use a great keyword generator check one out here.