A New Year, A New Blog…

I am excited for the new year and have big things planned for it!


The Issue That Is The YouTube Copyright System

For a long time people, like myself, who watch YouTube often know how flawed the copyright system is. If you support your favorite YouTuber's and have kept up with them for a long time you have probably heard this issue brought up multiple times. YouTube will most likely take steps to better the issue, but... Continue Reading →

I have been helping Josh build his dream store! I don't think it's done, but it is definitely going the right way. Please show some love and go check it out. If you find anything you like please leave feedback if you decide to purchase! We want to know how to improve or how we're... Continue Reading →

Excited To Start Seeing Some Traction Here!

I have said it multiple times, but I've wanted to see this blog take off for a long time. However, it has only been recently that I actually started putting in the proper effort. And I have to say - I wasn't immediately rewarded. Luckily I knew this was going to be the case. Almost... Continue Reading →

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